Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Reason

You know, there is this song called "The Reason" - by a gawd-awful name for a band called Hoobastank.  Seriously, I will never understand why anyone wanted to call a band "Hoobastank" - but the song is pretty good.  I sing along to it every time it's on the radio. 

Anyway, The first line of the song is "I'm not a perfect person, there's many things I wish I didn't do."  There are also many things that I wish that I HAD done.  A while ago I saw this idea, from a mother to her daughter.  Really, it's a very sad story - the mother was dying from cancer, and her daughter was fairly young.  The mother made videos every day of the things that she wanted her daughter to know.  Things about her, about life in general, about how she wanted her daughter to be and the kind of person that she wanted her daughter to become.  I loved this idea, but I realized a serious flaw - um, I am not dying of cancer.  SO, why in the world would I make a blog for my daughter about all of those things when she is right here with me and I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon.  Then, I started thinking "Why would I not also do this for my son?  I mean, he would like to hear my advice too, right? um... I hope?"

As it turns out life is pretty short.  No one knows when their time is going to come.  I could be killed from influenza or in a head on collision (OR that nasty fish that I ate last night) and that would be it for me.  What would I have left to my children?  So, after that thought sunk in (After a couple of months) I decided that I would start a blog.  One for each of my precious gems.  It's my hope that I never die too soon, but if I do - I will have been able to leave little pearls of wisdom behind for my children - to let them know that I loved them more than anything.

This is just the intro - and I hope that whoever reads this realizes -