Sunday, December 25, 2016

Effort put in will yield amazing results

So, you and I both have the personality where we want results and we want them right now. Not in a few months, but right now.  In fact, I would say that because of the way that our brains our wired - we see a problem, and we come up with a solution pretty fast.  However, we have a hard time slowing down to test our solution.  We just want the situation fixed so that we can get the knowledge and move on fast.

This is a small piece of advice that I may elaborate on later - but for now I will keep it simple for you.
ALWAYS Take your time.  Slow down for just a minute.  If you are struggling, ask for help around you.  I promise that if you do you will yield better results much faster.  Kind of like with math - it only took 10 days for you to catch up, while you had been beating your head against the wall for weeks.  10 days. That's all that it takes - just a little bit of patience and a little bit of help and a little bit of time.  This is a recipe that will always work.

Ok - that's all I will say on this for now.  You are doing a great job working at it.  So, keep working at it.

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